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SAAM 2022 Special!

Get ya FREE Stall Talk - 3 ways (for B&W or color printing). Stall Talks are one page newsletters that can be hung on the back of a toilet stall door. 

The Consent Chronicles FREE Worksheet!

You got the The Consent Chronicles: A Sexytime Story (thank you!!). Get your free worksheet and facilitator guide to guide your conversation with your students/audience.

Get my secrets for turning your Title IX, sexual misconduct, sexual violence programs from mandatory to fundatory in the free masterclass! Comes with a free curriculum guide so you can be inspired to create change all year long. 

You wanna explore with a partner? You wanna build intimacy? You wanna bring the heat (with consent, of course!)? If you need some ideas, guidance, or an icebreaker, or teach your audience how to navigate healthy conversations around sex, try the beFORE we PLAY game to get things started. We need to scream from the rooftops or the bedroom what good, consensual sex is!

SAAM 2022 Special!

These bulletin board templates are designed to be sent to your print shop or recreated with colored paper, a printer, & scissors. Topics covered: Consent, Bystander Intervention, & Trauma. 

Please Ask cards.

These business sized cards are perfect to distribute in medical facilities before patient care or for patients to give their doctor. This allows patients to assert their bodily autonomy without having to share their trauma (unless they choose!) or be revictimized.

Looking for a fun way to display a timeline of Title IX?

Decade by decade, let's learn some important milestones in Title IX. 

Take it, shape it, share it.

Check back for updates!

You wanna dump your partner (or teach your audience how to have a healthy break up!)? Follow my tips for success to have a break up full of boundaries. Learn to tell them bye on your terms so you can exit stage left. 

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