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Stacey is an educator focused on sexual violence prevention who loves cats, ice cream, & teaching healthy sexuality. 

Jersey girl at heart, Stacey traveled the U.S. in search for purpose, starting at Drexel University in Philly and graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration. While there, Stacey served on student government and was your classic overinvolved, activist student who becomes drawn to Student Affairs. This passion for student advocacy x compassion led her to completing her Masters in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University. While at BGSU, she found her passion in health education, specifically sexuality education. 

Stacey was able to teach health classes, supervise peer educators, and design programs with impact. She continued her quest, landing in a couple other states working in the functional areas of health education and new student orientation before returning to the Jersey Shore. Stacey continued to build on her experience, becoming more deeply involved in educational program design, student experience, Title IX, case management, and student conduct. 

Stacey was always drawn to sexual violence prevention and how we educate our community in Title IX. After watching schools struggle with meeting programming mandates, Stacey decided to take matters into her own hands. She spent a year studying Sexual Health & Sexuality Education with the University of Michigan; this led to the creation of her award winning consent education program: Consensuality and the book The Consent Chronicles: A Sexytime Story. She knew consent education could go beyond the mandates and legal language to inspire change with a healthy pinch of laughter. 

Stacey realized there is a huge gap in what is required of schools and funding mixed with time x training to execute effective programs. With over a dozen years of experience under her belt, Stacey became a #SApro dropout to focus solely on Title IX educational consulting and completing her PhD in Human Sexuality. She's now on a mission to provide both affordable and aspirational resources to create sexual violence prevention programs that captivate audiences.

In her spare time, you'll find Stacey running (literally, it helps her decompress), scanning Bravo (also helps her decompress), or consensually cuddling one of her fuzzballs (there's science behind the decompression). When she's not decompressing, Stacey is always on the lookout for the next ice cream shop, shopping for new sunnies, splitting her time between the beach and Philly, and supporting organizations that promote social justice, gender equity, voting rights, and comprehensive sex education (which includes consent) because #endrapeculture. 

If your company or organization checks "yes" to above, reach out and maybe we can collaborate.


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