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What Did You Say About Me?

Title IX & Consent are tough to teach. Here's what they say about me. 


I'm a male survivor, thank you for being inclusive.

Some of this was uncomfortable, but I needed to hear this!

This was the most interesting session!

I've been through this before [sexual assault] , I really appreciate you doing this and spreading awareness.


Can you go to every school in America and do this program?

We need you to come back!

Your presentation is so effective.


You were among the top three presenters asked to return by popular demand following the review of our evaluations last year. 


You genuinely made this situation much easier on me ...I recognize everything you've done to help me and I would like to say you are a very respectful and honorable person.

I’m really grateful for your support this far.

 I thank you for that advice because it may be just what I need. Thank you so much Stacey, seriously.

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