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About Pearbond

Welcome to Pearbond, an innovative take on how we educate on and respond to sexual violence. 

Think about something that brings you joy, laughter, hits you in your feels, and inspires you to change.

That's Pearbond. 

Pearbond was created before it was officially born in 2020. Founder, Stacey, had been presenting her signature program Consensuality at colleges and universities, as well as national conferences across the country. She taught The CAT Method, a coveted part of her consent ed formula to as many people as she could get in front of. 

The number one question Stacey got was "how I can bring this or you to campus?" She realized she needed to travel to every campus to plant the seed of change. 

Pearbond was born out of the need to give our folks that work in sexual violence prevention and Title IX something that was accessible and affordable (yes, sometimes free ninety-nine).

Pearbond untangles our ideas of power and pleasure, consent and coercion, and intent vs. impact. Using age appropriate, sex positive consent education as a lens to inform how we work, Pearbond takes takes our mandates to the next level to create fun, digestible, inclusive, and functional education. 

Pearbond, a take on the idea of pair bonding, digs into what bonds us together both as partners and as a community. Everything comes from this single idea - how and what bonds us together, and the ways in which it informs our views of our own sexuality and sexual violence. 

Pearbond believes teaching comprehensive, intersectional, consent-focused sexuality education is social justice. Sexual harassment and violence are based on systems of inequity and abuse of power.


One of Pearbond's core values is teaching with curiosity and kindness, not judgement. From this perspective a consensual world is possible.

Let's create a world where consent is the norm. 



a relationship so formed



a relationship so formed, 

with consent





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