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Sexologist, Educator, Storyteller

I'm a Jersey girl who spent my formative years in non-secular school with no sex education. While in college, it began to resonate with with me how important it is we learn about our sexuality in a healthy way - without harmful norms, shame, or coercion.  

And I did. I learned how transformative it is when we are allowed to understand and own our sexuality. Helping people build their power and agency over their own sexuality through comprehensive, consent-focused, sex positive education became my purpose. I want to help people express and respect consent, so all of the gray areas fall away and we can end sexual violence. I wanted to do it in a way where we could laugh and learn together.  


Are you looking for a dynamic presenter or tools to create your own social change or curriculum around sexual violence prevention? You've landed in the right spot. Whether you're in higher education, corporate, or non-profit work looking to get your students & employees engaged and excited about doing their part to end sexual violence, I've got a barrel of resources for you (I am the barrel, the resources stay on the internet). 

I'm skilled at breaking down difficult concepts into digestible pieces, especially around sexuality and power-based personal violence. Why? I'm highly trained, love to talk and laugh, and want to change the world. I wanted to create something better when it came to Title IX programs, so I did. 

I wrote an adult children's books about consent, coercion, & sexual harassment. It rhymes & we have a good time. You can find it here. It is a fan favorite during my presentations.

I'm passionate about educating others on consent, sex discrimination, Title IX, sexual violence, healthy sexuality, trauma, pleasure, relationships, bystander intervention, empathy, & sexual harassment. 

I help people feel agency over their sexuality. It's a concept that is often denied & healing from that societal trauma takes work.

I can effortlessly add a cat into any presentation. 

Some credentials: 

I'm a sex nerd currently enrolled in a Human Sexuality PhD program, focusing on the impact of education on perpetration as opposed to risk reduction techniques for potential victims. 

Additionally, I have training/certifications in:​

  • Advocate (Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence) 

  • Safe Zone (LGBTQIA+) Facilitator

  • Green Dot (Bystander Intervention) Facilitator

  • Conflict Mediation  


  • "Retired" health educator

  • Sexual violence prevention specialist

  • Student conduct administration (including Title IX cases, Clery reporting, supportive measures, case management)

  • Masters in College Student Personnel

  • Certificate in Sexual Health/Sexuality Education

  • Title IX Summit Presenter of the Year

Our sexuality is dynamic and powerful.

There's power in pleasure, so let's make consent the norm.


You can also read more about my story here

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