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Consent Education | Sexual Violence Prevention | Title IX Educational Consulting

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I'm on a mission to make consent the norm

Do you have a Title IX program your students love? 

I know I didn't. I saw what was being offered and knew we could do better.  

We know we're required to provide this education, but are we teaching to mandates or so they can learn info they need?

I combined my training & experience in student development theory, student conduct, orientation, Title IX, and sex education theory to develop my signature award winning program, Consensuality.


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#1 among Title IX Practitioners*

This includes Title IX Coordinators, educators, faculty, student conduct administrators, legal, investigators, senior student affairs folks, & advocates.
*Title IX Summit Assessment Data

This isn't victim blaming.

Education reduces perpetration, increases bystander intervention, & creates new social norms.

It's not just a mandate. It's life changing.

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CDC data estimates 81.3% of women and 70.8% of men* who will ever experience sexual violence, do by age 25. Over 20% of trans students will experience sexual assault in college, a higher rate than college women. 

Two-thirds of full-time college students are aged 24 or younger, putting them in a high risk category for experiencing sexual violence.

This isn't just a mandate. It's a life raft. 

*Sorry for the binary data! Hopefully their next round of data collection will be more inclusive! 


Let's try something different.

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Offensive. Triggering. Insensitive. Useless. Heteronormative. Unrealistic. Revictimizing. Flawed. Disappointing. Lacks intersectionality.

This what most student survivors says about their mandatory first-year Title IX/sexual assault programs. 

The effectiveness of your program lands squarely with the facilitator, content, & format. Students rave of my delivery of the information, its applicability, and incorporation of different identities.  

While meeting the mandates is critical, their experience and learning means more to me. My favorite part of any presentation is chatting with students afterwards - listening to their stories, reactions, gratitude, & takeaways.  

70% of survivors find mandatory SA programs triggering.jpg
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