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Education with Empathy


Consent. Sense. Sexuality.

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The Program

Length: 60 - 75 mins

Audience: Higher ed/students

Major Topics Covered: Consent, Title IX, coercion, healthy expressions of sexuality, bystander intervervention, trauma, boundary setting, gender roles, resources, grievance & resolution options, intersectionality, alcohol, myths

Delivery Method: In person/virtual using activation/trigger warnings, interactive, storytelling, humor, research, social media & media, applicable examples from a expert trainer

Great for: Orientation/Welcome Week, Greek Life, NCAA/Athletics, RA training, student leader in-service, keynotes, Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Why Consensuality?

Are you ready to start a revolution, with consent? Consensuality is a sex positive, consent focused, cat-forward (yes cats!) interactive workshop on embracing your boundaries, identity, and community to make consent the norm. Featuring crowd favorite illustrated book "The Consent Chronicles: A Sexytime Story," we'll laugh, tell stories, and think critically about the ways we can redevelop our sexual scripts to be more consensual using the CAT Method (see, cats!). 

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