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I am the "consent cat lady."

Why? Whether I have zero or a million cats (really, 2 is my max!), I am inspired by their interactions with the world around them & how people respond to them. I created a entire program based around this idea. 

Do you want a fun, engaging, impactful, attitude shifting program on Title IX, VAWA, & sexual harassment & misconduct that goes beyond meeting your mandates? Ok, GREAT!!!

In this 60-75 minute interaction program, I use federal and organizational laws & policies (like Title IX, VAWA, & NCAA) to create something unlike you've ever seen before (but in a good way!).

Each program is customized to include code of conduct information, grievance options, reporting, & resources for your institution. Programs can be facilitated in person or virtually!


Wearing my sex positives lenses, we laugh, we get serious, we learn. Told through a mix of storytelling, science, social media, activities, & cats (yes cats!), this program is great for groups of various sizes. I use my CAT Method framework to dig past the superficial & teach what they really need to learn.

Consensuality is different. I carefully curated this unique program to have honest conversations with your students about our attitudes towards sex, coercion, sexual assault & violence, power-based personal violence, & healthy expressions of sexuality. Using my background as a trauma responsive sexuality educator & higher ed administrator, I created something new that we all need to hear. Your students will walk away with useful tools to quiet the noise we've been taught to normalize predatory behaviors.

You'll get learning outcomes & assessment questions with this program customized for your students. 


You'll also get a live reading of "The Consent Chronicles: A Sexytime Story!!" 

I've facilitated this award winning program for orientations/welcome week programming, student staff training, athletes, fraternity & sorority life, & student leadership summits. 

Let's connect! I'd love to come to your school. 

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